The Institute for International Emergency Medicine and Health (IEMH) is dedicated to developing improvements in emergency health care that will benefit people worldwide, millions of whom face life-threatening conditions. We are based in Boston at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. Both of these nonprofit institutions are world renowned in clinical care, research and education.

The bedrock of any country’s public health effort is an organized emergency response system. The IEMH is stimulating new thinking about these systems — at home and abroad. Worldwide, we are forming broad humanitarian partnerships among civil authorities and leaders in medicine and government. We are teaching doctors and nurses techniques that work well in their region. We are helping health care workers train thousands of “first responders” — people in the immediate area who can perform lifesaving maneuvers.

Drawing upon the expertise of the medical specialty of Emergency Medicine, we are structuring clinical programs and aligning resources so that whatever the emergency — individual crises or mass-casualty disasters — the sick and injured can receive the care they so desperately need. We are saving lives that otherwise would be lost.

IEMH pacesetting programs include:

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