IEMH programs are innovative and fast-growing. In Train-the-Trainer Seminars, our staff work with local leaders and health care professionals to train trainers who, in turn, teach critical skills to large numbers of people, both medical and nonmedical. The growth potential is enormous: When we train 60 trainers, who within a year teach 30 people in 6 classes, approximately 10,800 people in the region are ready to respond to emergency situations. These teams are prepared to provide:

  • First-response lifesaving techniques
  • Specialized approaches for treating specific conditions such as heart attack, stroke, trauma, burns, or emergencies in women and children
  • Emergency care in mass-casualty events such as widespread starvation, natural disasters, or chemical, nuclear or biological attacks
Imparting new skills
In Ethiopia, an IEMH physician teaches airway technique to restore breathing.